Committee of the Partnership Association

Norbert Neuser
Präsident des Partnerschaftsvereins

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representitive comittee


Anke Beilstein, MdL

Member of the CDU Party
Functions: Education Policy Spokesperson
Local Policy Spokesperson, Representative for Rwanda
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County Councillor Manfred Schnur

District councillor of the district Cochem Zell
Involved in direct partnership with municipalities in Rwanda for 25 years.
Topics: Infrastructure, Schools and Education
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Commitee Members of the Partnership Association


Alexander Diensberg

Inshuti e. V. – Partnership between Haus Wasserburg/KSJ Trier and the parish of Matimba
Topics: Ecclesial Partnerships
International meetings, voluntary services
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Marco Weber, MdL
Parliamentary Director of the FDP Group

Spokesperson for Agriculture, Viticulture, Energy and Environment
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Peter Klöckner

Mayor VG Hachenburg
Topics: Local cooperation

Dr. Ulrich Schmidt

Rwanda Commissioner of the Natural History Museum Mainz
Topics: Communication of Nature and Culture, Natural History Museum Kigali
Karongi Environmental Museum, Masangano Fossil Site

Michael Wäschenbach, MdL

Landtagsabgeordneter CDU
Themen: Gesundheit, Pflege, Soziales, Zusammenhalt der Gesellschaft.
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Marlene Schneider

Chairwoman of the Rwankuba/Ludwigshafen-Maudach funding district
World Church Working Group
Topics: grassroots partnership, social affairs and schools
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Astrid Schmitt, MdL

Vice-Chairmen of the SPD parliamentary group
Representative for the Partnership with Rwanda
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Aline Heitz

Youth representative ejo-connect
Topics: school and student exchanges, school partnerships, educational work
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Norbert de Wolf

Managing Director of the à la carte company
as well as the trade association Colour Design Building Protection
Topics: Crafts, Tourism, Young people, Vocational Training
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