Coordination office in Kigali

In 1985 a separate coordination office was set up in Kigali to support and accompany the Rhineland-Palatinate/Rwanda partnership. This office is the point of contact and cooperation on the Rwandan side and is also available to the Rhineland-Palatinate partners for help and information. It is housed in a house from the Belgian colonial period in the middle of Kigali, which was made available by the Rwandan government. Two German and a Rwandan coordinators and 12 Rwandan specialists are currently employed.

The coordination office is in charge of most of the projects carried out within the framework of the partnership. The central tasks include advising the Rwandan partners on the application process, monitoring project implementation and monitoring and accounting for the budget and donations used.

In addition, the office supports and accompanies trips by delegations from Rhineland-Palatinate and Rwanda and advises individuals on trips to and from Rwanda.

The coordination office has become an indispensable aid for many questions and activities concerning the partnership in Rwanda and tries as far as possible to act as a mediator and to support within the scope of its possibilities.

The coordination office sees its work as a service provider for the partnership. The independence of the partners is promoted and the coordination office only becomes active if this is expressly desired by the partners in Rwanda.


Coordination Office Kigali Partnership Rhineland-Palatinate / Rwanda
KG 5 Avenue 56, Kacyiru 
P. O. Box: 821 KIGALI


Katja Gruber
office management

Tel.: +250-252-57 36 18
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Elias Vogler
Coordinator for construction and vocational training

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Sandrine Kamaliza
Coordinator for school, youth, sport and social projects

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Economic Relations



Aline Kwizera
Advisor for promoting Economic Relations
Tel.: +250 - 252-573-618

The business representation strengthens economic relations between Rhineland-Palatinate and Rwandan companies and supports Rhineland-Palatinate in the search for partners in Rwanda. Conversely, it helps Rwandan companies to make contact with potential partners in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Local Government Partnership


Parfaite Wirira
In charge of Local Government Partnership
Tel.: +250 - 252-573-618

The partnership between municipalities enables the exchange of know-how between municipalities and institutions in Rhineland-Palatinate and Rwanda.

The coordination office moved

Here are some pictures that show the new building of the coordination office:


The last group picture in front of the old building


The new building


The new flagged building


The new terrace