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Ejo-Connect is a Rwandan-German network of young people, who enjoy the (inter-) cultural exchange with like-minded people and want to build bridges between Rhineland-Palatinate and Rwanda by doing projects and arranging meetings.

We get together from all over Germany and Rwanda (digital or in person) and plan joint projects or activities. The idea and the implementation of projects is dependent on our active members in our network.

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Everyone can joins and can decide themselves how much work they want to do to participate in projects and in the partnership. We all get involved voluntarily in two Ejo-Connect youth groups, who implement projects together but also projects on their own. One group is located in Germany, the other in Rwanda.

Ejo-connect Germany

Urubyiruko - Ibyishimo - Kuganira - we, ejo-connect, try to implement this as an intercultural team. We are a network of young people from Rwanda and Germany who want to connect young people and help to shape the future of the partnership between Rwanda and Rhineland-Palatinate. Ejo is the term for yesterday (ejo hashize) and also for tomorrow (ejo hazaza) in Kinyarwanda. The name says it all, because our network is filled with young people, pupils from existing partnerships, students, trainees, former volunteers and interested people from different regions, who were associated with Rwanda yesterday and want to remain in contact tomorrow.

Our work in recent years has concentrated on:

  • School-Connect - cooperation with twinned schools
  • Regular presence at the annual Rwanda Day
  • Participation and co-organisation of youth workshops
  • Workshops: "Rwanda clubs"
  • Mentoring of volonteers
  • representation of interests

We are an open network and organise an Ejo-Connect meeting twice a year. Between the meetings we stay in touch via social networks. Germans and Rwandans, which live in Germany are welcomed.

If we have aroused your interest, if you want to participate, if you have questions or suggestions, please contact us!

Ejo-connect Rwanda

In today’s economically, socially and politically globalized world, it is essential to acquire intercultural competences, to eliminate prejudices on an equal footing in joint discussions, and to build and promote a cosmopolitan, tolerant, diverse and empathetic young generation. Exchange with people of other nations is essential for this. With this in mind, the intercultural youth group Ejo-Connect Rwanda, founded in November 2020, enables young people to get in touch with like-minded people, empowers them by creating a diverse pool of talent and provides them with basic knowledge of intercultural learning, networking and project management. In addition, the youth group promotes discussion on social issues and strengthens the partnership between Rhineland-Palatinate and Rwanda through its bi-national approach.

Our recent projects in cooperation with Ejo-Connect Rwanda are:

  • Our recent projects in cooperation with Ejo-Connect Rwanda are:

  • Blog-

  • Culture exchange: “culture and language tandems“(non-members can join)

  • Up-cycling: “From plastic bottle to flower pot”

  • Podcast

Welcomed are young Rwandans and Germans living in Rwanda who want to share their creativity, experiences, knowledge and ideas. Have the desire to plan and carry out joint projects, be proactive and enjoy intercultural exchange on an equal footing.

If we have aroused your interest, if you want to participate, if you have questions or suggestions, please contact us!

Jahresberichte von Ejo-connect

Erfahren Sie in unseren Berichten, welche Projekte und Aktivitäten wir im vergangenen Jahr durchgeführt haben

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