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We are pleased about your interest in a cooperation with the partnership Rhineland-Palatinate/ Rwanda. Here you will find all current job advertisements for jobs in Rwanda or in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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Rhineland-Palatinate: South-North-Volunteering

Since many years young people from Germany have the possibility to take part in a development volunteer service in developing and emerging countries. Since 2013 young people from the host-countries have the possibility to do the same in Germany - this program is called the "South-North component".

For one year, young people aged 18 to 28 can serve as a volunteer in Germany e.g. by working with children, protection of the environment, sports and culture. We help to connect host organisation from Rhineland-Palatinate with Rwandan. For more information about the south-north component in general click here ( For further questions about a volunteer service in Rhineland-Palatinate you can send us an E-Mail.


Report from a volunteer

Sam Rugira spent a year in Rhineland-Palatinate in 2019. He worked as a volunteer (organized by the South-North-Component of weltwärts) in the "Pfalzklinikum", a hospital in Klingenmünster. Below are some impressions about his year in Germany.

My name is Samuel Rugira. After almost one year working and living in Germany, I have met a lot of experiences, here are some of them:
I will highlight and bold the culture; it was a complete difference that I would not talk about since its normal for the countries to have different cultures. Stinking closely to the work and working atmosphere in general, I will give them five stars just for the nice workmates that always focus on the work. Some nice working skills and respect to the patients/clients. Generally my year was good. I travelled to a lot of places in Germany and also outside. I appreciate the opportunity that I was given to learn new things.
My impression is good people, food, weather and the biggest architecture has very much attracted me.  On the other hand I did not like communication (mouth to mouth) or behind your back. I think that you know what I mean more than me. There are some other things that look so small or do not sound to be an issue, but all people in Germany share in common like

  1. complaining too much , arrogance
  2. not flexible
  3.  And of course discussing about other people

I would like to take the following to my home

  1. Competency skills  that means being punctual and work oriented
  2. The nice bread that is the favorite food in Germany
  3. I would also like to take back financial freedom

In general it was a nice experience. I had a chance to understand a lot of things that matters a lot in my future life.