Travel to Rwanda

The commitment of many people makes the country partnership so extraordinary and multifaceted. No report, no matter how detailed, can give you, as an interested and committed citizen of Rhineland-Palatinate, as good an understanding of the cultural richness of our partner country as is possible through your own experiences and adventures on the ground.

Rwanda is a country full of breathtaking landscapes, rich culture and warm hospitality. This trip offers you the unique opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of the country first hand. You will not only explore the stunning nature with its green hills, dense rainforests and majestic mountain peaks, but also get to know the vibrant culture and history of Rwanda.

A trip to Rwanda is a unique opportunity to make new friends, experience cultural exchange and further strengthen our partnership. We strongly believe that this experience will enrich your lives and open new perspectives.

If you need recommendations for activities, cultural events, places, opportunities to meet, etc., we are always at your disposal.

We appreciate your interest.