Travel to Rwanda

Are you interested in exploring Rwanda, the country of a thousand hills? You would like to visit your partners and the projects you are in charge of on site? We offer you the opportunity to get to know the country through the OSKARR trips we organise. We have also collected some useful general information for you here!

Trips to Rwanda

It is the commitment of many people that makes the country partnership so extraordinary and multifaceted. We offer these people the opportunity to live the partnership, meet their partners and make new contacts. With little effort and at fair prices, interested parties can gain an insight into the Rwandan way of life and tradition. This is organised by the Partnership Association

No report, no matter how detailed, can give you, as an interested and committed citizen of Rhineland-Palatinate, such an understanding of the cultural wealth of our partner country as it is possible through your own experiences on site. Since we often have individual requests for travel, we would like to give you the opportunity to join a group with others and travel to Rwanda with our support. We offer to accompany you in Rwanda and introduce you to the country and its people, as well as to projects of our partnership. Of course, we are happy to consider the wishes of the group. We want to inspire you for Rwanda and therefore we try to organize trips with different thematic focus. Part of the planning is an information evening before the trip.

If you are interested in such a trip, you are welcome to contact us. Either by e-mail or by phone: 06131 16 3473.

We are pleased about your interest