Partnership Rhineland-Palatinate & Rwanda

Welcome to Rwanda!

Welcome to the Partnership Rhineland-Palatinate and Rwanda!

In 1982, the partnership started as an unusual attempt of two countries to reshape development policy and today it is an internationally recognized model of a citizen-oriented, decentralized and efficient development cooperation on a local level. On our homepage we inform you about the history, projects and news of the partnership and provide important general information.  




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  3. A separate window opens with information on the projects carried out at this location.



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Donation receipts

Donations and contributions to non-profit recognised foundations and organisations are tax deductible according to paragraph § 10b of the Income Tax Act. For donations up to 200.00 euros per donation, the tax office does not require a donation receipt as proof. You can find more information here.



You would like to invite a Rwandan guest to stay in the Federal Republic of Germany who needs a visa for this purpose? Your guest has to apply for a visa at the competent German mission abroad and needs a declaration of commitment for this purpose? For this reason, we would like to advise you not to sign any declarations of commitment for visitors from Rwanda! Read more information on this topic here.


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