Apprenticeship with Rema

First Rwandan Apprentices in Palatinate

In September 2016, the first three young people from Rwanda started their training program as machining mechanics at rema Fertigungstechnik in Rockenhausen. Managing Director Reiner Rudolphi had previously met the three young Rwandans during a business visit to the Rwandan capital Kigali.

All three trainees, aged between 23 and 24, are among the best graduates of IPRC South and were selected by the Rwandan Ministry of Education. Not only good grades play a role, but also personality and motivation. In addition, rema pays attention to a quota of women, so that at least one woman belongs to a group of three trainees.

As part of the "Machining for Rwanda's future" training project initiated by rema, the three Rwandans moved into their quarters in Rockenhausen in September 2016. First, they completed an intensive language course lasting several months and got to know the company and the employees at the same time. Then, in the summer of 2017, they started training as cutting machine operators.

Every year in future, three Rwandan young people will be trained as machining mechanics at the Rockenhausen site as part of the "Machining for Rwanda's future" training project. Each year, 30 percent of the company's own profits flow into the training project, which is 100 percent financed by rema. The aim of the project is for the young skilled workers to return to Rwanda after their training and help to further develop the Rwandan industrial sector, which is still underdeveloped. rema is also planning to set up a small manufacturing plant in the Rwandan capital Kigali. In addition, the machinists trained in Rwanda will help to train other skilled workers.


The trainees:

Aimable Twambazimana is 23 years old and comes from Huye. The son of a farmer wants to return to Rwanda after completing his training at rema and make an important contribution to the development of Rwandan industry there. He also wants to help train more teachers at technical schools in his home country.

Ariel Nsanzimana, 24, grew up in an agricultural family in the Burera region of northern Rwanda. Above all, he wants to develop his skills in the maintenance and operation of machines. Nsanzimana has already taught automotive mechanics to young people in Rwanda and would like to pass on his knowledge in Rwanda and support the industry in his home country.

The 24-year-old Redempta Niragire, whose parents work in agriculture near Kigali, also wants to support the economic development in Rwanda later. She is particularly interested in the manufacture and optimisation of individual parts for machines.

In order to give young people a future, the partnership Rhineland-Palatinate/Rwanda focuses on vocational training. Alternative training paths such as the rema training programme are a model for this support. In order to enable further training measures after graduation, young women and men need such initiatives to increase their career opportunities.

Further information about the company and the project with Rwanda can be found here: