SUGIRA Network

Who are we?

SUGIRA means good growth and is the name of two networks in Rhineland-Palatinate and Rwanda that cooperate closely with each other.

We are currently 14 Rhineland-Palatinate special needs schools and associations in partnership with 18 special needs institutions in Rwanda.

The following special educational needs are currently represented:

- Holistic development

- Motor development

- Speech and Language

- Learning, Hearing

- Hearing and communication

The cooperation between the support institutions takes place within the framework of the partnership between Rhineland-Palatinate and Rwanda, which has existed since 1982.

What is our goal?

The aim of the Rhineland-Palatinate SUGIRA network is to support Rwandan institutions in the promotion of children and young people with disabilities.

It arranges further training for the teaching staff as well as an intensive professional exchange. Another goal is to improve the equipment of the Rwandan centres.

In this way, cooperation in the field of inclusive and special education is to be strengthened in both countries.

At the same time, the Rhineland-Palatinate children and young people at the special schools can develop competencies in the sense of global learning.

This gives them the opportunity to discover new perspectives, build values and attitudes to work for a just and peaceful world as well as appreciation for other ways of life.

What do we do?

We, the special schools and associations, have direct personal contact with our Rwandan partners and support them professionally as well as financially.

Our network supports the participation in professional qualification measures in Rwanda and the establishment and equipment of schools and centres.

Personal meetings and joint workshops as well as regular network meetings in Rwanda and Rhineland-Palatinate enrich the partnership.

How you can support us:

We welcome more special schools in Rhineland-Palatinate that would like to join the SUGIRA network in the future. Of course, your donations also help to directly support the work of the special schools in Rwanda.

Bank: Sparkasse Rhein-Nahe
Number (IBAN): DE92 5605 0180 0017 1131 4
Intended purpose: SUGIRA Network

Further information & contact person:

Anna Töpperwein, Network spokeswoman
☏  02631 34260

Jenny Bauer, Ruanda-Referat
☏  06131 16 6458