How do I become a meber?


We are pleased that you are interested in a membership. It is very easy to become a member. You can find our declaration of accession, which you can fill in and send to us by mail or e-mail. Should you have any further questions about the membership, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Jutta Bihl
Verein Partnerschaft Rheinland-Pfalz Ruanda e.V.
Fuststraße 4
55116 Mainz

How can I donate?


You can donate by having a membership and paying an annual membership fee. Furthermore you can support the partnership financially with a single or repeated donation. Donations can be directed to a specific project or to the partnership in general. We are pleased to fill out a donation receipt if your donation is above 200 €. 

You can find all important information regarding donations here.

How can I found a partnership?


Do you want to found a partnership in Rwanda? All important information and contacts are gathered here.

I am a teacher, how can I incorporate Rwanda as a subject into my teaching?

Rwanda in school

You can find many teaching materials on our homepage . Here is an overview.

The edition (2/15) of the Ruanda Revue is devoted to this subject and contains some useful information. You can find the online version here.

Attention! All these materials are in German.

How can I get to Rwanda?


Every year the partnership offers trips to Rwanda with changing main focus. You can find current information and travel tips here.

How can I find my partner organisation (association, school, community)?

Find partner organisation

1. First choose "Partner" at the page header.

2. Then choose the relevant category. Mobile users may find it easier to click "Overview".

3. Now you get to a map. Here, all partners are listed according to their different categories and represented as a pin. You can click on the pin and follow the link "to the website of the partner".

4. If you cannot find the desired partner, you can use the searchbar. Choose the partner at the left field and start the search by clicking on the link "view results".